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26-Nov-2017 11:02

Some hospitals go so far as to terminate nurses who refuse overtime work; others report them to the state licensing board for patient abandonment.

Instigating the cycle Chronic overtime can lead to a vicious cycle: Excessive work hours reduce staff morale, which in turn contributes to job burnout.

For more information, a complaint form, FAQs, and more information, go to the Department of Labor’s webpage on Act 102.

Murphy A firefighter recently posed a question asking what authority an employer has to compel mandatory overtime for firefighters, and it became a topic of conversation on the Fire Service Court podcast.

An employee who performs essential services for the public.

These efforts include that your employer 1) seek persons who volunteer to work extra time from all available qualified staff who are working at the time of the unforeseeable emergent circumstance; 2) contact all qualified employees who have made themselves available to work extra time; 3) seek the use of per diem staff; or 4) seek personnel from a contracted temporary agency when such staff is permitted by law or regulation.Under pressure from chronic staffing shortages, hospital administrators may implement a policy of mandatory overtime.One study found that more than half of hospital staff nurses work more than 12 hours per day and 17% work mandatory overtime.Notwithstanding this paragraph, a worker may not be required to work beyond the limits prescribed in subsection 2 for more than 4 consecutive weeks.

Notwithstanding subsection 2, a nurse may not be disciplined for refusing to work more than 12 consecutive hours.

And many nurses are glad to do this occasionally, or even regularly, because it lets them earn more money.